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Our Story

“Three Summers ago, whilst driving I thought I was going to die”

A few days after getting their vehicle repaired our founder and his brother noticed a gust of smoke emerging from the bonnet whilst cruising, something you’d see in video games or movies, before the car explodes!


Immediately they had pulled over on a side road and after trying to identify the problem and bruised egos, they concluded professional assistance was needed.

After an extremely long day calling out mechanics, they found out this was due to a lazy fix to the timing belt with damaged parts, not entirely repairing the problem… In a fairy tale they’d get the timing belt repaired for free as this wasn’t two innocent young men's’ error was it, surely it was the mechanics. But in the real world the whole engine went as they stressed it further and they actually ended up paying a repair bill which was not far off the original price of the car.


From this it was observed nearly everybody hates finding a mechanic and on top of that to add finding a competent one, is more salt into your wound.


So, we’ve made it easy by connecting vehicle owners to mechanics and mechanics to vehicle owners all in one place (and making sure they’re doing their jobs correctly) so none of you get ‘mugged off’ the way they did.

App Features

The world we know, is changing and, so should industries.

Free to use

Free for both mechanics and users, you only pay when you want to do more/extra.

In-App Credits

You can top up your account with some in-app credits to get access extra/bonus services.

Job and Service Feeds

Mechanics and users can easily view all posted jobs and services feed in real time based on their proximity.

Post Jobs (Vehicle Repair Request)

User can post a job request, i.e a vehicle repair request for different local mechanics to submit bids to.

Review & Accept Bids

After a customer post a job they will receive an array of bids for their job all priced accordingly with the service specifications they will receive from the vendor (mechanic).

Professional Profile

Mechanics and customers can view all posted jobs in realtime, with the service required location and specification of the job/vehicle fault.

This is Why You Will
Love the MechanLink App

We at MechanLink, aim to reinforce the values
of quality, convenience and knowledge
of services across the automotive service industry.

  • Free To Download And Use
  • Local Affordable And Profesional Mechanics @ 24/7
  • Easy To Use
  • Available For Both Your Android And iOS Devices
  • 24/7 Customer Support*

Find a local mechanic and, at the right price

Using the MechanLink app you can post a job request, describing the problems you are experiencing with your car. You can add a photo to the description, to help mechanics understand more about your car problem. And also, pin the location where you are and/or, want a local mechanic to come to.

The job request, will be broadcasted in real time to different local mechanics, to start bidding to ASAP.
Choose the right mechanic, with the right price quote and trusting profile. Then you are good to go!

Do you know what’s wrong with your vehicle?

If you want to find a professional local mechanic to fix your vehicle, you can browse through several services provided by local mechanics, categorised by “common faults”. Once you have selected the required category, you can then easily scroll through the different mechanics offering the specified service you require ordered by the ones nearest to you.

You are a Mechanic and need more jobs within your skillset and local area?

Browse through several job posted by different people from your local area, find jobs within your local area, jobs you can and would love to do.

Submit bids for the jobs by leaving a convincing public message backed with an affordable price quote.

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Check out the app's wireframe designs

Job Feeds

View and bid for several different jobs.

Post Jobs/Vehicle Repair Request

Post jobs/vehicle repair request with images and location.

Receive Bids

Mechanics can bid for jobs within their expertise and interest.

Mechanics Profile

View the services a mechanic has posted and the jobs it has completed on the app.

Several Local Mechanics

View a list of local mechanics

Mechanic Profile - Services Tab

View the several services a mechanic offers

Other Features

Some features you may find interesting


Services and jobs feeds are grouped by different categories, to allow easy exploration and navigation.

Add a photo

You can add a photo to properly give the description of the problems you are experiencing with your car.

Pin location

Find your local mechanics when you input your current location


Easily search/lookup for any specific service or mechanic you are interested in.

Verfication Badge

Both mechanics and users can make their profiles stand out by verifying their account. This will also increase their trustworthiness to others. Email us hello@mechanlink.co.uk for further details.

Trust & Rating

Review the credibility of a mechanic/user by reviewing their profile rating and the number of users that trust them.

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